Free Bradley Manning Rally

August 9th, 2010

Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks making headlines yet again:
August 12: The man accused of blowing the whistle on the war in Afghanistan is 22 years old PFC Bradley Manning. He was arrested in Iraq May 29, held in solitary confinement and then transferred to Quantico, Virginia. More...

Video footage allegedly leaked by Bradley Manning to the website WikiLeaks shows the targeting of individuals.



Video by William Hughes:
Speaking at the demonstration were: Jeff Paterson, Ellen Barfeld, Mike Marceau, Matt Southworth, Phyllis Bennis, Ray McGovern, Josh Stieber, Andrew Castro and the Rev. Lennox Yearwood. Note: A special thanks to the Mayor of Quantico, VA, the Hon. Iris Tharp. According to Medea Benjamin, she granted a permit to hold the demonstration at the 11th hour because she is a "supporter of Free Speech." (55 Minutes, 45 Seconds)

“Free Bradley Manning Rally” at Quantico, VA from William Hughes on Vimeo.

Video: Andrew Castro:
"We Demand Freedom for Bradley Manning!"

A spirited rally was held in a park, on Sunday afternoon, August 8, 2010, in the town of Quantico, VA, in support of Private Bradley Manning. Currently, he is incarcerated in a prison at the Quantico Marine Base. It surrounds the town, which borders on the Potomac River. Private Manning is charged with releasing a video which showed, "the killing of civilians and journalist in Iraq," by U.S. forces, according to a press release of one of the event's sponsors. One of the speakers was Human Rights activist Andrew Castro. He is a member of the ANSWER Coalition, a national Peace and Justice organization. Mr. Castro, who is from the Baltimore, MD area, said: "We demand freedom of Bradley Manning." Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, served as the moderator for the rally, which was entitled: "Free Bradley Manning."

For background on the "alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning," see:

Andrew Castro is a member of the ANSWER Coalition, a national peace and justice organization.


Video: Rev. Lennox Yearwood:
"I Pray for all Truth Tellers!"

Rev Lennox Yearwood is the chair of the Hip Hop Caucus,a community activist and a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War.



Activists rally to 'Free Bradley Manning' in WikiLeaks case
By Rachel Streitfeld, CNN

Quantico, Virginia (CNN) -- Activists rallied outside the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Virginia, Sunday to applaud the man military officials suspect leaked scores of military documents to the WikiLeaks website -- a 22-year-old Army private named Bradley Manning.

"We are here to say that if he, indeed, was the whistle-blower, then we are proud of him," said Medea Benjamin, founder of anti-war group Code Pink. "In the United States that I know and love, transparency is a positive thing." More...

Rev Lennox Yearwood is the chair of the Hip Hop Caucus,a community activist and a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War.


Video: Ray McGovern:
"No Moral Sense in Pentagon and White House!"

Ray McGovern is an ex-CIA analyst, peace and justice activist and author.


Video: Josh Stieber Defends Bradley Manning

Josh Stieber is a Iraq War veteran and a conscientious objector. See, Mr. Strieber's blog here:


Video: Phyllis Bennis: "Wars Needs Secrets!"

Phyllis Bennis is a journalist, and a peace and justice activist. Ms. Bennis said:" Wars Need Secrets. Illegal wars keep illegal secrets...Democracy needs whistleblowers."