Support the pro-democracy protesters throughout the Middle East

Call or visit these embassies here in the U.S. and urge them to end government-perpetrated violence and support the people of their country!

Libyan Mission: (202) 944-9601 ‎- 2600 Virginia Ave NW # 412, Washington D.C., DC 20037-1996
Bahrain Embassy: (202) 342-0741 - 3502 International Drive Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20008-3000)
Yemen Embassy: (202) 965-4760 - 2319 Wyoming Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20008
Jordan Embassy: (202) 966-2664  - 3504 International Drive Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
Palestinian Permanent Mission: (202) 785-8391 - 818 18th St NW Washington, District of Columbia 20006

Get involved in local solidarity movements!

Participate or stage a protest
From the West Coast to the East Coast, Americans have been showing solidarity with peaceful demonstrators in the Middle East. People from all walks of life in California, Colorado, Kentucky, and many other places have gathered in the streets to raise their voices, outrage the atrocities occurring in Libya; students at Washington State University organized a march across campus despite the bitter mid-February cold. Just the other day, hundreds of people- including CODEPINKers- met in front of the White House in Washington D.C. to display their support for the Libyan protesters- check out Al Jazeera's coverage of the D.C. action here. In addition to these events, tens of thousands have joined a “Virtual March of Millions in Solidarity with Libyan Protesters” on Facebook.

The ongoing violence inflicted upon the protesters by the government in Libya is appalling, and we can't forget about the other Arab nations where pro-democracy protesters are also being punished by dictators that have ruled for decades. On Friday 18th, CODEPINK D.C. held an action in front of the Bahrain embassy- read more from local coverage here. Now it is your turn to take action on behalf of Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, or anywhere else the government is suppressing basic human rights! Organize a local protest or candlelight vigil to show your support and solidarity with the pro-democracy protesters throughout the Middle East. Record your event and post it on YouTube, so that those who are putting their lives on the line in this struggle see that we as Americans are standing with them!

Read more about CODEPINK's solidarity with the Egyptian people's movement here.