Press Conference at White House to Condemn Bombing of Libya


Contact: Medea Benjamin, 415-235-6517

Press Conference at White House to Condemn Bombing of Libya
Anti-war Activists Call for Ceasefire and Negotiations, Not War

Where: White House
When: 2pm, Wednesday, March 23
What: Press Conference

Critics of President Obama's decision to bomb Libya will speak in front of the White House about why they oppose the bombing campaign and what they think should be done instead. Speakers include Retired US Army Colonel and former U.S. diplomat Ann Wright and CODEPINK/Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin.

“There are so many other nonviolent efforts President Obama could have used to stop Qaddafi, including creative diplomacy to call for a ceasefire,” said Medea Benjamin. “We are very disappointed that instead, Obama so quickly chose violence.”

The activists will discuss the cost of the bombing at a time of fiscal crisis, Obama's refusal to consult with Congress, other nations in turmoil where the U.S. refuses to get involved and how this intervention might backfire.

“The US and NATO forces have already dropped more bombs and sent more missiles and ordinance in the last four days than Qaddafi has since the uprising began,” said ret. Colonel Ann Wright. “ The political decision to use bombs instead of diplomacy is retaliation for Qaddafi's long history of antagonism toward the West.”

Visuals: We will have signs in the shape of planes saying “Don't Bomb Libya” and other creative visuals.