Federal Budget Actions

Like many peace activists, CODEPINKers are extremely concerned about budget priorities. Typically, the weeks leading up to Tax Day are used to educate fellow citizens about where their tax dollars are going. With the ongoing budget crisis in DC, it is more important than ever to engage people in these discussions. Your budget-related activities don't have to stop on April 18 (the day federal tax returns are due). 

It is time to let our fellow citizens know the truth about where their money is going. Organize an action at your local post office. It doesn't take a lot of people, but it can make a big impact!

  • Ask people to participate in a penny poll.
    •  Give participants 10 pennies or beans to distribute among 5 main categories of spending.
    • 5 categories: Education, Environment, Health Care, Housing, Military
    • Alternatively, use 10 categories: Education, Environment, Health Care, Income Assistance, Transportation, Justice, Foreign Aid (non-military), National Debt, Veteran's Benefits, Military
  • After participating in the poll, give people a copy of our War Dollars Home flyer (pdf)
    • Remind people that both parties make spending on war the top priority. Let them know it's time to end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya and bring our war dollars home!
    • Also remind people that politicians are using any excuse possible to cut vital social services. These cuts are based on a desire to get rid of government. As Jane Fonda pointed out, this is a fight about whether disaster capitalism will prevail. 
  • Have a Bring Our War $$ Home petition (pdf) available so people can make their voices heard and join the growing movement to end wars and fund human needs.
  • Issue a press release announcing your planned action. Issue another press release providing results of the action – including the results of your penny poll. 
  • Creating news is important too: post to Facebook and Twitter, write a blog post, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or submit an op-ed piece on the unbalanced use of tax dollars.