April 28, 2011

Tell President Obama: Update Your War Status

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Last week, I stood outside President Obama's talk at the Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley with a sign:


It really sucks that it comes to this. In 2008, when I was studying abroad, I organized an effort to encourage other students to send in their absentee ballots for Obama. I couldn't have imagined that three years later, I'd be protesting policies that feel more like George Bush's than the man I hoped would bring lasting change. I still have hope for Obama, but I can't stand by and watch a Nobel Peace Prize winner turn into a war president. You shouldn't either.

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There are so many things to be frustrated about, it boggles the mind, chief among them:
-- After promising to close Guantanamo, Obama now has signed an Executive Order directing that dozens of inmates continue to be held indefinitely
without charges.
-- WikiLeaker Pfc. Bradley Manning is allegedly being tortured in prison and our President has already declared him guilty before he's even been tried.
-- The use of unmanned drones in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan is killing innocent civilians (not to mention our own troops), escalating the war in Libya, and only making the world more dangerous.
-- While he is waging war in Libya, Obama hasn't even taken a strong stand against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for killing peaceful protestors.

My generation
this new generation of activists and voters—has been politically socialized into a world of war and fear, and that is all we have known of politics. The continuation of these wars only further propels that idea. In order to change the future, something has to be done now. If you are as frustrated as I am, post OBAMA: UPDATE YOUR WAR STATUS on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. After you post to Facebook, update your peace status by taking action offline in your community!

Updating my status for PEACE,
Chelsea Byers, CODEPINK Intern

PS The Washington Times recently published an editorial on “the peacenik hypocrites”, alleging that the anti-war movement is not standing up against Obama. Leave a comment below the article or send a letter to the editor at yourletters@washingtontimes.com to let the Washington Times know what you are doing to keep the peace movement alive.

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