For Immediate Release: July 28th, 2011
Contact:  Alli McCracken
CODEPINK organizer
(860) 575-5692

President’s Friends Intervene to Stop War Addiction
Encourage POTUS to Enter Kucinich Rehab Peace Center

WHEN: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 10am
WHERE: Pennsylvania Avenue, in front of the White House        

(Washington DC) Friends of President Obama, concerned about his debilitating case of war addiction, will organize an intervention in front of the White House. The intervention comes on the heels of a devastating WikiLeaks' release of confidential emails from members of the President's staff. The emails show their despair over the President's self-destructive penchant for wasting the nation's resources on wars while the economy is crashing. “HELP! POTUS is driving the economy off a cliff with war spending!!! Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen--this is out of control! Someone needs to intervene--quick!!!,” said a distressed staffer in one of the released emails.

The President's binging on three wars during this economic crisis reveals that he has hit rock bottom and needs immediate help. “It's so sad to see Obama hurting innocent people overseas, hurting our economy and even hurting his chances at re-election,” said a member of the intervention team, who did not want to give her name. “That's why we are determined to get him into the Kucinich Rehab Peace Center asap.”

Members of the public and the press are invited to witness the intervention and encourage the President to commit himself to a rigorous program to kick his war addition.

Great visuals, including Obama (in mask) on couch, drunk on war; banners and costumes.