September 14, 2011


Take three actions today to speak up for justice and peace!

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A recent leaked cable revealed Avi Mizrachi, head of the Israeli Defense Force Central Command, saying, "We don't do Gandhi very well."

Three cases this week show the widespread disrespect and contempt that Israel and its supporters have for Palestinian nonviolence. Learn why these three cases are so important and what you can do to support peace advocates:

Remember when the Israeli military killed 9 civilians aboard the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ship that was part of the Flotilla to break the siege of Gaza?  This month the UN released a new report condemning the shameless murder of these innocent civilians (though it also condoned the siege – sigh).  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated his country's intent to bring the question of legality of Israel's Gaza blockade to The Hague, and has heavily criticized President Obama's position on the 2010 of a Turkish Gaza-bound flotilla.
Take Action: Thank Turkey for standing up against injustice.  Sign this petition and the DC CODEPINK team will deliver your signature to the Turkish Embassy next weekSpread the word about this petition on twitter

Mizrachi also warned in the wikileaked cable that “the IDF will start to be more assertive in how it deals with these [Palestinian] demonstrations, even demonstrations that appear peaceful.”  In the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Israel uses excessive violence to disperse nonviolent protests and has launched a night raid campaign to arrest anyone suspected of participating. One of the arrested, Bassem Tamimi, a Palestinian grassroots organizer, has been imprisoned since late March. His recent arrest is based on a coerced confession from a 14-year old boy and despite never being convicted of a single offense, Tamimi has been arrested almost a dozen times. Learn more here.  While the EU and UK have recognized Tamimi as a human rights defender, raising serious concern with Israeli authorities over his imprisonment the US has remained silent about Tamimi and that of the other 73 men, women and children who have been arrested.
Take Action: Call on the State Department to demand that Israel stop persecuting Palestinian protesters and organizers.  Plus, if you're in NYC, join the demonstration for Palestinian sovereignty and equality outside the U.N. tomorrow, September 15th, join the CODEPINK action in LA or attend other local solidarity rallies. 

Last week we heard the shocking news that the Museum of Children's Art (MOCHA) in Oakland, California decided to cancel “A Child's View From Gaza,” an exhibit of Palestinian children's art, after receiving pressure from Occupation-supporting organizations, namely the Jewish Community Relations Council.  Even creative expression by kids is now being silenced by the right-wing Israel Lobby.  
Take Action: Our allies at the Middle East Children's Alliance, who partnered with the museum on this exhibit, invite you to send a letter to the MOCHA's Board of Directors asking that they reverse their decision and reinstate the exhibit, which is scheduled to open on September 24th.  Send your letter here.

Thank you for joining us by taking these three simple actions today. Let your voice for justice be heard!  

Onward ever,
Rae Abileah and the CODEPINK Middle East Team:
Alli, Kristen, Medea, Nancy, Rosie, & Sasha

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