For Immediate Release: September 16th, 2012
Contact:  Alli McCracken, CODEPINK organizer, (860) 575-5692
Jodie Evans, CODEPINK co-founder, (310) 621-5635

Two Women Wrongfully Arrested for Standing on Sidewalk Holding Pink Bras in front of Bank of America

CODEPINK Bust Up Big Banks Action Part of Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Weekend

Video footage of the arrest is available here:

New York City -- On Sunday, September 16, the eve of the Occupy Wall Street one year anniversary, two activists with the CODEPINK contingent of the "Spectra Showdown" march were arrested on the sidewalk outside Bank of America chanting “Bust Up Bank of America!”  Rae Abileah, 29 year old co-director of CODEPINK, was standing on the sidewalk holding a bra to symbolize the "bust up" big banks message outside Bank of America's Union Square branch when she was seized by the police without obvious cause or warning. Arrested along with her was Amanda Lodoza, 29, from Houston, Texas, who also held a bra on the sidewalk.  CODEPINK strongly condems this unprovoked police action, which is flagrant violation of our constitutional right to free speech.  

During the Occupy Wall Street march to protest the proposed Spectra fracking gas line in NYC, CODEPINK sought to connect environmental and economic destruction by highlighting the big banks that back fracking, coal mountaintop removal, deforestation, and other disastrous projects.

“Today I was charged with disorderly conduct for standing on a sidewalk holding a bra," said Abileah.  "Real disorderly conduct looks like morally bankrupt big bank bailouts, illegal wars, killer drone attacks, unchecked corporate campaign contributions, and unethical destruction of the planet and our precious natural resources.  Now is the time to prioritize people over profits!" 

"Bank of America and other large corporations wield disproportionate financial influence in our elections.  Democracy should not be a business," said CODEPINK co-director Jodie Evans.  "We want a government for the people, by the people; not for the banks by the banks.  It is time to get money out of politics and bust up big banks like Bank of America!”  

Police charged Abileah and Lodoza with disorderly conduct and they were released late Sunday afternoon.

CODEPINK protested against corporate money in politics at the Republican and Democratic conventions and continues to bring that message to Wall Street this week.  CODEPINK will be protesting in the streets all day on Monday, September 17, the one year anniversary of OWS, with Women Occupy and FemForce (see  for schedule). 


CODEPINK, founded in 2002, is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into health care, education and other life-affirming activities.