A Message from Eve Ensler...


February 1, 2013

Dear Activist,

Join CODEPINK and over 10,000 organizations in 193 countries for One Billion Rising, a global day of action to strike, dance and rise on February 14 to end rape and gender violence!

Tell us why you are rising!

In recent years alone, massive numbers of women and girls – and sometimes men and boys
have suffered not only the physical trauma of rape and gender violence in war and other conflict situations, but also the shame and stigma that often leaves survivors suffering in silence.

Last night, Eve Ensler shared her excitement with us...
the whole world is rising
         beyond our wildest dreams
         hip hop artists
         hula dancers
         monks and priests and nuns and members of parliaments
         dalit women and tribal women and educators and dancers
         migrant workers and nurses teachers and gynecologists
         aboriginal wome
n first nation women..."

Read the rest of Eve's inspiring words here and share on your Facebook and twitter.

The waters of peace and justice are nurturing th
e seeds of change. All across the world, we can create ripples of change. Join One Billion women and the men who love them as CODEPINK turns the ripples into waves. It's time to break our chains!

Rise with us on February 14th!

Tell us why you're rising!

Join an event locally or create your own action, and we'll give you the tools to rise in your community!

Let's Strike, Dance, and Rise together!

In peace and nonviolence,
Alli, Holly, Jodie, Lachelle, Medea, Nancy, Sam and Tighe

During the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC, CODEPINK brought the message of One Billion Rising in a Yes We Can-Can End Violence flashmob as people from all over trickled into town for the Inaugural balls. In San Francisco, hundreds joined the biggest flashmob dance ritual to break the chains of violence against women and girls. Join the movement on 2/14!

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