10 Years After Iraq, Iran?


March 19, 2013

Dear Supporter,

Over ten years ago, the U.S. government used the pretext of 9/11 to invade and occupy an innocent country, Iraq. We can't let our nation be dragged into another war of choice—this time in Iran.

I was in Baghdad when George Bush said it was time for Shock and Awe. The maid in our hotel in Baghdad buried her head in my chest, looked up to the sky and asked “How do I protect my children?” Even then, with my heart breaking, I couldn't have imagined what lay ahead. Over five million Iraqis displaced and possibly a million dead, the deaths of so many young soldiers and over 100,000 horrific casualties, over a trillion dollars wasted.

But what is beyond understanding is that after ten years of suffering, we are on the brink of doing it all over again. We're told about fictitious Iranian weapons of mass destruction—stories just like the ones that led us into Iraq. And now the Senate is moving forward with a resolution that provides a backdoor to war. Senate Resolution 65, already signed by over half the Senate, calls for the U.S. to offer military support to Israel if it chooses to invade Iran. This resolution would allow us to slip into
another grotesque war without any public debate.

Have we not felt the price? When do we say STOP? Please contact your Senators today and tell them “Don't make the same mistake again--vote No on S.Res.65!” Remind them that diplomacy is the best preemptive action.

With love for the Iraqi and Iranian people,
Jodie Evans, co-founder CODEPINK: Women for Peace

P.S.- As we say no to a backdoor to war with Iran, the Bush war criminals will gather in Dallas for the opening of the new George W. Bush Presidential Library. CODEPINK and other accountability activists will be there April 22-26 to give the people's response in seeking truth, justice and reconciliation. Join us!

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