...and Justice for All?


April 18, 2013

Dear Activist,

If you're anything like me, your first reaction to hearing about the George W. Bush Library & Policy Institute was “What?! W. can read?!” If you're also anything like me, your second reaction was sheer outrage. How dare a man whose policies thrust us into disastrous war be honored with a library and policy institute in his name?

That is exactly, shamefully, what's happening. In a few weeks, tens of thousands of people will converge in Dallas, Texas, for the dedication of the place, including President Obama, former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, plus George H.W. Bush and the man of the hour himself, his war criminal son.

I'll be there, too--but across the street with my CODEPINK cohorts and other truthtellers protesting and demanding accountability for the war crimes committed by W. and his administration. Dubbed the People's Response to the Bush Library, CODEPINK and other activists will converge from April 22-25th for a series of events including marches, rallies, workshops, teach-ins, art, music, creative direct action, internationally known speakers, and - of course - a dance party for peace!

Come join us! Even if you can't make it to Texas, there are other ways to get involved:

--Adopt an Activist! Those of us traveling to Dallas are prepared to get arrested for standing up for peace and justice. When you adopt one of our brave activists, you agree to support their arrest expenses (we can't cover them as a non-profit organization).  Email Alli at alli@codepink.org and we will pair you with an amazing activist.  A group of Iraqis will be there, willing to be arrested, which is HUGE!

--Help Fund an Ad!  We will be launching a campaign ....and Justice for ALL to bring Bush to justice before the statute of limitations runs out in a year.  We can launch it with an ad in the Dallas Morning News, but the cost is $20,000. Can you help?

Let's generate a movement of dissent from April 22-25th that the Bush and Obama administrations can't ignore!

See you in the streets of Dallas,
Diane Wilson (Read Why I'll be going to Dallas for the People's Response on the CODEPINK blog!)

P.S.- If you can't join us in Dallas, join us in Fort Meade, Maryland on June 1st as Bradley Manning's trial kicks off.

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