CODEPINK Thunderclap Jams Bush Center’s Social Media Attempts to Whitewash Bush Administration’s Crimes: Timed to Coincide with Library Dedication Ceremony


April 24, 2013

Contact: Alli McCracken, CODEPINK National Coordinator

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Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Co-founder

CODEPINK Thunderclap Jams Bush Center's Social Media Attempts to Whitewash Bush Administration's Crimes: Timed to Coincide with Library Dedication Ceremony

Dallas, Texas – During the opening dedication ceremony of the George W. Bush Library & Policy Center in Dallas, Texas, CODEPINK activists have timed a simultaneous Thunderclap twitter blast to jam the social media outreach of the Bush Center. The Bush Center has been using social media outlets such as Twitter to promote the opening of the library using the hashtag #BushCenter, while activists have been countering that with the use of #ArrestBush to highlight the war crimes of Bush and his administration.

As of 9:00am on Thursday, April 25th, the CODEPINK Thunderclap tool has achieved a social reach of approximately 262,760. The Thunderclap will automatically Tweet and Facebook out this message on the account of all those who have signed up: “Why is George W Bush being honored with #BushCenter Library? #ArrestBush for #WarCrimes!”. By using the hashtag promoted by The Bush Center itself, activists seek to insert the dissenting voices of thousands of people who refuse to let Bush's war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan be whitewashed by a $500 million library built in his name.

“They've tried to block us on the sidewalks, in the streets; they refused our ad in the newspaper, so our march moves to social media with a Thunderclap as the library opening begins,” said CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans, “We will not be silent in our call for justice” she added.

CODEPINK activists and allies have been using the opportunity of the opening of the new George W. Bush Library & Policy Center in Dallas to bring attention to the injustices committed by former president George W. Bush and his administration, particularly the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the use of torture directed from his office.

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