True Patriots

July 4, 2013

Dear Activist,

This Independence Day, CODEPINK is honoring the true patriots of our nation: whistleblowers. The great heroes of our country are people like John Kiriakou, Coleen Rowley, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. They are people who—at great personal risk—expose government wrongdoing in the hope of making our nation “a more perfect union.”

Next week the defense will present its case in the trial of whisteblower Bradley Manning. Manning is facing life in prison for exposing the truth about what is being done abroad in our name. Manning said: “I want people to see the truth, because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public.” Celebrate this 4th of July by sending a letter of support to Bradley Manning or John Kiriakou, CIA torture whistleblower.

“May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion,” said President Dwight D. Eisenhower. But the Obama administration has confused the two. The aim of these whistleblowers is not to aid a foreign power or enrich themselves; their aim is to make America more transparent, accountable and honorable. For their sacrifice, we honor them today.

Onward to peace,
Alli, Allie, Amanda, Dooler, Emerson, Emily, Gianna, Hannah, Heidi, Jessika, Jodie, Maggie, Medea, Nancy, Natalie, Noor, Rooj, Sergei, Tighe

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