November 17, 2007— CODEPINK Interrupts Hillary in Los Angeles

At the Presidential Forum on Global Warming and Energy Policy this weekend Senator Clinton encouraged people to speak up about Global Warming. CODEPINK's own Tighe Berry was in the audience and decided that he would heed the Senator's call. He rose and asked her "how spending $416 billion on war assist Global Warming?"  She talked over him until she couldn't and recognized him by asking if he had been invited to speak and he said you just did. Good point Tighe-  considering the US military is the world's LARGEST polluter, how does $416 billion on war assist Global Warming? Tighe and Jodie Evans of CODEPINK were both arrested.

June 20, 2007— CODEPINK tells Hillary Clinton to LEAD US OUT OF IRAQ NOW at the "Take Back America" conference, Washington DC.
"I love coming here every year," said Clinton. "I see the signs," she added, referring to the "Lead Us Out of Iraq" signs which were being held up by members of the antiwar group Code Pink. Clinton sought to appease the members of the audience who were dissatisfied with her Iraq comments by pointing to her work with Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., to make Oct. 11, 2007, an expiration date for the Iraq war authorization. Congress authorized the use of force in Iraq in 2002 with Clinton's support.

Jodie Evans, Code Pink's co-founder, told ABC News that she was outraged by what she saw as Clinton's finger-pointing. "She doesn't understand that what we've done to Iraq is what we've done to Iraq and Iraq is not liable for it or responsible in any way," said Evans. "She has a long way to go to gain our trust, a very long way to go."

— Clinton Booed Again by Hard Left at Progressive Conference, ABC News
Read the entire article here and watch Medea Benjamin on O'Reilly

March 20, 2007— Protesting Hillary's Fundraiser
Dozens and dozens” of anti-war protesters are planning to greet former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) at a Washington fundraiser Tuesday night. Code Pink, an anti-war group also known as Women for Peace, has been a perpetual thorn in the side of Sen. Clinton's presidential campaign even before it got into full swing. The group plans to continue its protest this evening when the Clintons host a fundraiser for the senator's presidential bid at the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel.Gael Murphy, a spokeswoman for the group, said Code Pink has been protesting Sen. Clinton's events all over the country, including fundraisers and public events, for more than two years.

Murphy said Clinton was “absolutely” noticing the group's presence, as evidenced by her “shifting” positions on the war. "Because of our protests, she was getting a lot of questions on Iraq,” Murphy said, adding that “unfortunately,” the senator seems to be “moving to the right” by saying recently that some troops would probably remain in Iraq if she is elected president..."

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Above: Desiree is shown singing in the back and in the last clip Jodie Evans is swiftly dragged out by 3 or 4 secret service thugs.
Below: Photos from the protest outside.

You can watch this on UTube here
You can watch another video from the inside here

Friday, February 23, 2007— CODEPINK Disrupts Clinton Fundraiser,
Palace Hotel, San Francisco
As we were escorted out there were two of us peacefully escorted out and as I was being escorted out I shouted 'Hillary please stop funding this war'", Abileah said. "I want her to hear that message and there was a woman in the audience who reached behind and got me in the jaw and had her hands in my mouth. There were two women who were guests of the hotel and also stood up and disrupted during Hillary's speech. We were detained for the rest of the event and we were sited and released after the event was over. What a small price to pay to be detained for a few hours. When we think about our Iraqi sisters and brothers and what US soldiers are facing every day. —Rae Abileah

Read Rae's entire account of the events here!

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Friday, February 19, 2007— It Takes a Chill: Senator Clinton Comes Up With Press-Control Method: Freeze 'em!
Dealing With Protest: On Friday, at the fund-raiser in Cipriani, Mrs. Clinton sipped a glass of water and, strolling around a stage in the middle of the ballroom, shielded her eyes from the lights and picked hands out of the crowd. One of the questioners turned out to be 26-year-old Dana Balicki—a plant from the anti-war group Code Pink, whose members were protesting outside.

Ms. Balicki asked, “How many millions of dollars are we going to waste, how many thousands of lives?” before Mrs. Clinton cut funding to end the war in Iraq. “Well, let's talk about it,” Mrs. Clinton responded. “I don't disagree with the thrust of your question. I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to rein the President in.” Mrs. Clinton segued into a primer on the techncal obstacles facing Congressional Democrats and explained why she opposed cutting off funds for the troops that were over there.

Unsatisfied, Ms. Balicki interrupted Mrs. Clinton, who had begun talking about the need to isolate Iran.

“I'm sorry, you've had your opportunity,” Mrs. Clinton said, looking down from the stage.

The crowd applauded, and Ms. Balicki began chanting “End the war now!” As security escorted her out, Mrs. Clinton added for good measure, “And you know, you can yell about it, or you can try to solve it—and that's what I'm doing.”
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Friday, February 14, 2007— Hillary in New Hampshire:
Yes, Hillary, We Do Need Moral Leadership, by Anne Miller
I woke up Saturday morning thinking how wonderful it is to live in New Hampshire during the presidential primary season. I was going to go see Senator Hillary Clinton in afternoon for some "conversation" at a local high school, and Barack Obama had just announced his presidency and would be coming back to New Hampshire on Monday to speak with New Hampshire voters. I first heard Hillary Clinton speak some sixteen years ago when I was a student at Wellesley College...
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Friday, February 9, 2007— HILLBLAZER fundraiser at Cipriani:
About 20 Codepinkers and friends gathered outside Cipriani's last night to bring the message of Hillary's lack of leadership and pro-war position to the people going into the fundraiser as well as to the people in the street. We were boldly pink, loud and forceful - Laurie's huge black banner with the simple but profound word LIES written in white across it, stood in front of the entrance to the restaurant. Flyers were distributed and the chants were loud and clear - Hillary, What are you waiting for, Stop funding the war!...
Read the entire letter here

February 14, 2007— From Camille Paglia's Salon column on CODEPINK's March 6, 2003 video "Hillary gets Pink Slipped":
My peak Web moment of recent weeks was watching the riveting video of Code Pink's March 2003 confrontation with Hillary Clinton in a Senate conference room. I whooped and applauded as Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the antiwar group, spoke eloquently of the trauma and horror inflicted by the invasion on the women and children of Iraq (a subject consistently ignored by the American press).

There's a priceless moment when a protester strips off her pink slip and hands it to Hillary (who had just voted for the war resolution the prior October) as a symbol of her flunking this ethical test. Hillary, who has problems when life departs from script, at first takes the gift, then yanks her hand back and loses her temper. The hapless slip is seized by a female flunky and abducted. It's a classic!

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January 29, 2007— She's Lying: Hillary '07 vs. Hillary '03
CODEPINK & Hillary on Rush Limbaugh
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March 6, 2003 — Hillary gets Pink Slipped at her meeting with CODEPINK:
Hillary Clinton's views on going to war, Saddam, and WMD.

She talks about her vote to go to war, Saddam, and WMDs 2 weeks before war in a meeting with CODEPINK in March 2003. Footage provided  by Kirsten Michel (

View the entire Video here

February 2, 2007— CODEPINK Tells Hillary to "Cut the Funding":
Senator Clinton's remarks about Iraq drew the only moments of audible protests from the audience: Seven women from the antiwar group Code Pink yelled “cut the funding” and “not any more” to denounce her support for continued federal spending on American troops in Iraq. Mrs. Clinton opposes President Bush's plan to send more troops there, but has said she would not block funding for them...
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January 30, 2007— CODEPINK asks Sen. Clinton to dismantle her web of war in Iraq:" If You're in to Win, Stop the Spin"

Photos by / Ted Stein
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September 21, 2006 — International Peace Day Action:

To symbolise the appalling carnage and its effects on women and children especially, we staged our SHOES AT HILLARY'S DOOR protest with a hundred pairs of children's shoes labeled with the names and ages of children who have been killed in Iraq. After standing vigil with them for an hour and half outside Hillary Clinton's Manhattan office we moved the shoes to Union Square for the Peace Party where they were seen by more passersby. This action really got people talking -- mothers discussing it with their children, groups of nannies with strollers talking to each other, strangers standing together silently and then exchanging words, people kneeling or sitting, gently touching the shoes and moving the tags to read them better. We plan to repeat it at other locations in the coming months. And we are still collecting shoes so please ask your friends and neighbors if they have any shoes their children have outgrown that can be donated to this cause. Read more on CODEPINK's Spotlight page and see photo gallery below!!

Photos by Fred Askew
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July 23, 2006 — Listen Hillary! Event:
Sunday, July 23, 2006,10:30am - Noon,
Hyatt Regency convention center, Denver:
On Sunday, July 23, the Democratic Leadership Council convention was held in Denver at the Hyatt Regency-Convention Center. CODEPINK and other activists demonstrated to tell Senator Clinton to Listen! Stop supporting war and start supporting peace! We educated the public about just how Hillary is supporting war instead of peace!

July 5, 2006 — From The Journal News:
Organizers chose Chappaqua to highlight Clinton's positions, including her objecting to setting a deadline for troop withdrawal. One sign read "Hillary: Stop supporting Bush's war."
"Many people believe that Hillary is against the war, and that's not the case," said Susan Friedman, a regional coordinator for CODEPINK. "She is not a friend of the peace movement," Friedman added.."
Read the entire article at The Journal News

June 13, 2006 — From Medea Benjamin, COUNTERPUNCH:
A few CODEPINK women did manage to get inside the breakfast, however, as they were legitimate ticket holders. Once inside, the CODEPINK women soon realized that they had been deceived about the second part of the agreement: They would not be allowed to ask the first question, or any question, because Hillary Clinton would not be fielding questions from the audience. "We were really upset that we had been lied to by Take Back America, and that there would be no space at this 'progressive conference' to have a dialogue with Hillary Clinton about the most critical issue of our time-the war in Iraq," said Katie Heald, DC coordinator for CODEPINK. "
Read the entire article at ListenHillary.Com or Counterpunch

Four Manhattan Democratic clubs are launching a backlash against Sen. Hillary Clinton amid some of her recent shifts toward the right.
May 29, 2006 -- From The New York Daily News:
In addition to the Village Independent Democrats, the equally vociferous Downtown Independent Democrats also voted recently to endorse the anti-war Tasini, a 49-year-old freelance writer and longtime labor organizer from upper Manhattan.

Other established political clubs in Manhattan — including the upper West Side's Three Parks Independent Democrats and downtown's Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats — chose in recent weeks to endorse no one for Senate rather than support Clinton."
Read the entire article at

Code Pink protesters demonstrate against U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton outside Beverly Hills fundraiser.
Code Pink protest in Beverly Hills
View video clips at

CodePink protests Hillary's position on the war in San Francisco.
Read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle

CodePink protests Hillary's refusal to discuss the war at a yuppie fundraiser in Manhattan, New York.
Read the article in The Villager

CodePink & Brooklyn Parents for Peace Hillary Vigil in New York City, January 2006

War Protesters confront Hillary at a Portland, Oregon, fundraiser, January 27, 2006.
Grassroots activists presented a united, determined front against Hillary Clinton's support for the Iraq War at a Democratic Party fundraiser for her 2006 Senate campaign. Code Pink chapters from Portland and Eugene teamed up with the Eugene Civil Resisters to upstage and disrupt her speech to the Party faithful in the ballroom of the Portland Hilton Executive Tower, and grabbed the headlines by putting her on the spot about her support for funding the war.

Read more,

Joshua Frank on Bird-dogging Hillary Clinton:
Focusing all of the antiwar movement's energy on the Republicans is shortsighted, and perhaps worst of all, completely naïve. The Democrats not only authorized this war, they still by and large defend the ongoing occupation.

Taking on the leaders of both parties is paramount if we are ever to end this bloody conflict."
Read the full article and more by Joshua Frank,