Help Send Humanitarian Aid to Iraq

Thanks to your incredible generosity, we raised over $600,000 in humanitarian aid for the refugees from Falluja. Adding to our efforts, humanitarian groups such as the Middle East Children's Alliance and Operation USA contributed $500,000 worth of medical supplies. Suthir, a mother of six small children told us, "It's been so cold at night and I've been praying for someone to help us. Now, thank God, we finally have a heater."

Your donations provided thousands of cold, grieving refugees, especially children, with blankets, sweaters, heaters, portable stoves, clean water and antibiotics. Please continue to give what you can to support CODEPINK's peacebuilding work, and spread the word and the true holiday spirit far and wide.

Many of the supplies we've collecte were delivered directly by an extraordinary Families for Peace Delegation that left for Amman, Jordan and the Iraqi border on December 26, 2004. What made this delegation so extraordinary is that it is composed of parents who have lost their sons in the war in Iraq or on September 11. "We lost our son to an illegal war that is now destroying the lives of thousands of Iraqi children," says Fernando Suarez del Solar, who is going on the trip with his wife Rosa. "We, as parents, must say ‘Stop the killing, comfort the children.'"

Photographs of Falluja under siege

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