AZ Women Rising Against SB 1070

Coalition of Women Against SB 1070!

  • HELP push the Boycott of the 2011 Baseball Allstar game to be held in Phoenix Arizona by calling the commissioner BUD Selig @ 414.225.8900 or FAX everyday 414.225.890. Ask them to make the principled decison:

  • Get Your Congressional Reps to attend the SB 1070 Hearing on the Hill! Sign our petition here


CODEPINK will set up "Camp Hermana", a camp of unity and sisterhood outside Governor Brewer's house in Glendale, Arizona, July 30th evening to August 1st evening in protest of racist SB 1070. The post-action weekend will be filled with discussion, prayer and song to celebrate and lift the spirits of women during a period vehement xenophobia in Arizona.

Arizona Women Will Peacefully Block ICE Raids on Immigrant Communities Thursday July 29th will be a national day of solidarity for those who struggle for equal access to a better quality of life. Even though today's ruling prevented the damaging provisions of SB 1070 to pass, the entire law has not been eliminated and the racist subtext which sparked the creation of the law still exists. Immigration rights activist can take this minimal injunction as a partial victory, but with the continued hostility from the Governor and local legislators the pressure and work cannot stop.

READ our lates press release: Arizona Women Will Peacefully Block ICE Raids on Immigrant Communities

READ press coverage: Protesting Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law


Families Ripped Apart in Arizona - May 13, 2010 Huffington Post Report on our Delegation: On Mother's Day, a group of national feminist and labor leaders, journalists, and organizers traveled to Phoenix to document the experiences of women in the wake of SB 1070.The testimony we heard makes clear in vivid and haunting detail how SB 1070 constitutes a violation of every principle we hold dear to safeguard women as mothers, workers and leaders in families and communities. It paves the way for assaults on the basic human rights of women who came here simply to support their families, and creates an environment in which violence against women and children (physical, spiritual and legal) has been state-sanctioned. More...




For more info, contact locals[at] for questions, support, and help.


Organize your own AZ Women Rising Protest and invite the CODEPINK community to participate! Post your event here!

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