Anti-Hummer Campaign

On the streets of Iraq, Hummers are the transportation of choice of the U.S. military.  They are in every city and town, guarding gas stations and government buildings, and usually they carry U.S. soldiers who are holding machine guns. Now Hummers are on the streets of the United States, too.  Just as the Bush administration plays on Americans' fears of terrorism and tries to make us believe that the Iraq war made the world safer, so do Hummer ad campaigns play on people's fears by using images of apocalypse and destruction. They also try to make Americans believe that we are safer in large, gas-guzzling vehicles like the Hummer, despite clear evidence that Hummers are a danger both to their passengers and other drivers. Hummers are horribly destructive to the environment. With an Environmental Protection Agency rating of two out of ten, because of the Hummer's average gas mileage of nine miles per gallon, it is not difficult to see how Hummers hurt the environment through their astronomical consumption of fossil fuels. Oil consumption is a major contributor to pollution and global warming. Hummers literally threaten the very air our children breathe. Additionally, the Hummer is fueling this country's dependence on oil, which ends up pushing the U.S. into conflicts around the world, most recently Iraq. To top it all off, small business owners who purchase Hummers receive a $100,000 tax break under Bush's new Economic Stimulus Plan. This same plan only grants a tax break of $4,000 for the Toyota Prius hybrid. Hummers cost upwards of $55,000, which means that yet again wealthier individuals (the only people able to afford a $55,000 car) receive disproportionately more in tax breaks.

April 22: Anti-Hummer Day of Action

Hold a rally, crash an auto show, or go wheat pasting. Plan an anti Hummer action with your CODEPINK community! Email webmistress@codepinkalert.orgto have it listed online. Click here to download a printable Hybrids Not Hummers poster.

Click here to download the Hummer Ticket.

Talking Points About the Hummer
The Hummer gets obscenely low gas mileage. It hovers around 9 miles per gallon. It gets less than half the mileage of the Model T Ford some 80 years ago!

Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy A Hummer
Hummers may look cool on the outside. They might even appear to be a symbol of patriotism and solidarity with our troops in Iraq. But don’t let appearances fool you. Peer beneath the surface and you’ll find a host of reasons why the Hummer…is a bummer.