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Give that Man a Pink Slip!
by Medea Benjamin
Bush’s speech to the nation was a combination of platitudes, exaggerations, half-truths and downright lies. Afghans would be curious to hear that their country is now free and prosperous, not a dangerous, fractured nations governed by warlords and fueled by opium.

January 21, 2003- CODEPINK's Reaction to Bush's State of the Union Address:
by Medea Benjamin
On March 8, 2003, international women's day, Iraqi women had little to celebrate.

On International Women's Day, Do Something Good for Iraqi Women
by Medea Benjamin
Iraqi and US women have a lot in common. Both list safety as a top concern, and are worried about the increasing violence and militarization of their societies. Both see jobs and health care as top priorities, and feel uncertain about their economic security. And both are grossly underrepresented in the halls of power.

Hugo Chavez could teach US leaders a thing or two about winning votes
by Medea Benjamin
I knew that the administration of Hugo Chavez had won my heart when I met Olivia Delfino in one of the poor barrios in Caracas.

An Open Letter to Congress:
by Carol Norris
Do Your Job, Investigate the Voter Fraud Allegations

Peace in a Time of Perpetual War
by Medea Benjamin*
Immediately after George Bush declared victory on November 2, 2004, his administration gave the green light for an all-out attack on the Iraqi rebel town of Fallujah. The town was virtually leveled, hundreds of civilians were killed, and over 150,000 became desperate refugees suffering from hunger, cold and disease. And all this after Bush supposedly won the election because of his strong moral values!

A message of healing to the victims of the Tsunami
All of us at CODEPINK wish to express our deepest sadness at the incomprehensible tragedy of the recent tsunami.  We are sickened knowing some of the world’s poorest, war torn peoples, who already dealing with so much are faced with such devastation. 

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