There is a great tradition of war tax resistance in the United States. When our political leaders have not listened to the will of the people, individuals have engaged in civil disobedience.  On April 15th, many anti-war activists took the courageous step of not paying up to 51% of their taxes.  They followed these instructions  and sent letters like these to tell the government why you could no longer pay for Bush's War.  Many spent time in front of their post office talking to other tax payers about where their money is going and how much we need it to stay and pay for the needs in our communities.  Thank you to those who made this courageous act.

Pledge to Resist Paying Taxes
And urge others to take it as well. If we enlist over 100,000 pledge-takers by April 5th, we will engage in a mass action of civil disobedience on April 15, 2008 by withholding a portion of our taxes that pay for the war in Iraq. More...

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We urge you to consider taking financial action that will help speed up the end of war. More...
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