5 Years Too Many!


2,628,000 minutes of war too many.  Had enough violence, lies and repression yet?  You've taken a minute to sign a petition, taken five to call Congress, an hour for a vigil, an evening to hear a speaker.  It's time to take a day, several days, or even a week out of your life and come to DC for this critical week of actions aimed at the heartless center of government. 

Join us as we highlight the fact we've been at war for 5 years- longer than we were engaged in WWII. Many organizations have taken leadership from March 10-19th, you can see the full calendar of DC events by clicking here and find out all about CODEPINK's day of action on March 18th and United for Peace and Justice's Call to Action for March 19th below!

Jump start the heart of our nation.  Renew your own energy, hope, an­d commitment.  Act now, or forever pine for peace.

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Housing in Washington, DC

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CODEPINK Day of Action - Restore the Constitution

Tuesday, March 18th 2008  12m-2pm Washington, DC

12pm Meet Up: Zodiac Fountain (6th and Constitution NW)
George W. Bush's administration has pushed us to the brink of a constitutional crisis. The checks and balances that underwrite our democracy are no longer. Wake up America, it's our time to defend and preserve the Constitution, our founding document, before we're no longer allowed. The day's activity will remind us that everything that has been taken away or atrophied can be returned and renewed. This is our moment to lament, protest, wail, mourn and rage. Let our tears, laughter and songs drown the failures of our government.  Let's renew our faith that real democracy and social justice are possible. Congress has not represented us. The Department of Justice and its Security branches have not protected us, the Executive Branch has lied to us, taxes have under-served us, the State Department has failed us, the Pentagon has cheated us, and the courts are not separate...The "heroic medicine" to heal and protect our nation can only come when true patriots act. Get inspired, walk, swirl, yell, dance and sing what you expect from your government.
  • 11am press conference in front of National Archives
  • 12 noon meet up at Zodiac Fountain- vibrant procession up Constitution Ave to the Justice Department, IRS and end at the Capitol Reflecting Pool.
Panel of Constitutional Experts and Whistleblowers with Inspiring Artistic Performance
Tuesday, March 18th 7-9pm Speakers and performances.
More details coming soon...
­5 Years Too Many, Take Action in the Nation's Capitol on Wednesday, March 19

March 19th will mark the beginning of the 6th year of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Enough is enough! We are organizing creative, nonviolent acts of civil disobedience in Washington DC to interrupt business as usual for those promoting and profiting from war and empire building. Focusing on the pillars of war, our actions will take place at multiple sites, demonstrating the real costs of war and offering visions for a more just and sustainable world, a world at peace. Visit www.5yearstoomany.org

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