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Rabbis, Palestinians, Activists Stage Die-In Outside AIPAC Conference, 
Arrests as President Obama Speaks

CAUGHT: Ahava’s Theft of Occupied Natural Resources Finally Exposed
May 18th, 2011
Press Advisory

Press Conference at White House to Condemn Bombing of Libya
Anti-war Activists Call for Ceasefire and Negotiations, Not War

California Voters Bare Skin to Demand that Sen. Feinstein Speak Out Against Torture on Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning

Coalition of Veterans and Peace Activists Mark Iraq War’s 8th Anniversary this Saturday with Increased Civil Disobedience at the White House

Golden Gate Walk For Peace in Solidarity with the Women Around the World for International Women’s Day
March 13th, 2011

Local Activists to Protest Tony Blair Appearance at the Flint Center
March 10, 2011

Bay Area Activists Stage a "Day of Rage" in Solidarity with the People of Iraq and Palestine
Showing support of people's movements in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and Wisconsin
February 25, 2011

CODEPINK Peace Activists Join Egyptians on the Ground in Cairo, Available for Phone Calls, Interviews
February 2, 2011

Canadian Retailer The Bay Drops Cosmetics Line as Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Admits Declining Sales and Attempts to Rebrand
January 14th, 2011

CODEPINK Tucson Responds to Massacre
January 10th, 2011

Tribunal finds American and International Business Complicit in Israeli War Crimes // US Experts and Lawyers Testified at International Tribunal and Findings Identify Legal Remedies and Call for Civil Society Boycott Action
November 23rd, 2010
Press Release

Protests Planned for George W. Bush's Dallas Library Groundbreaking // Along the Book Tour Bush Critics Move his Book to Crime Section
November 15th, 2010
Press Release

Local Activists to Protest George W. Bush Appearance at Miami Book Fair
November 12th, 2010

Street Theater Protest at Bush's Book Signing in Dallas Texas: Waterboarding "Damn Right" says Former President
November 8th, 2010
Press Advisory

Young Jews Challenge American Jewish Leadership At Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans
November 8th, 2010
Press Release

The People's Response to George W. Bush's book, Decision Points
Official Statement

The People’s Response to Bush Library & Policy Institute
November 8th, 2010

CODEPINK and other U.S. Groups Ask State Department to Call for Release of Palestinian Nonviolent Activist
October 26th, 2010
Press Release

Protests disrupt Condoleezza Rice in San Francisco--Video Footage Available
October 18th, 2010

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