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Starving for Justice: CODEPINK, US Hunger Strikers, and Human Rights Activists Rally at White House to Demand Closure of Guantanamo Prison Camp

US Peace Delegation in Yemen and Families of Guantanamo Prisoners hold vigil at US Embassy demanding release

وفد السلام "كود بينك" يتوجه إلى اليمن للقاء ضحايا الغارات الجوية الامريكيه وعائلات سجناء غوانتنامو
6 2013 يونيو

CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Yemen to Meet with Drone Strike Victims, Families of Guantanamo Prisoners

CODEPINK to Stage Creative Action on the Eve Of WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning's Court Martial


Obama Speaks On Drones & Gitmo: CODEPINK Speaks Back!

100 Day Guantanamo Hunger Strike Press Conference at National Press Club Thursday, May 16, 10am

100 Day Guantanamo Hunger Strike Press Conference at National Press Club Thursday, May 16, 10am

CODEPINK Stages Bold Action in front of the White House, Demands Justice for Guantanamo Prisoners

CODEPINK Launches Global Hunger Strike and Vigils Calling for Justice for Prisoners at Guantanamo

Wrong Bush Arrested at Bush Library Opening in Dallas

CODEPINK Thunderclap Jams Bush Center’s Social Media Attempts to Whitewash Bush Administration’s Crimes: Timed to Coincide with Library Dedication Ceremony

Dallas Morning News Rejects CODEPINK Ad Submission Criticizing Bush; Activists Plan Day of Actions

Southern Methodist University Security Issues Citations to Peaceful Demonstrators at George W. Bush Library

CODEPINK Kicks off Week of Protests with Coalition Press Conference and Actions at Southern Methodist University
April 21st, 2013

CODEPINK and Allies Converge in Dallas for a Week of Protesting the new George W. Bush Library & Policy Center
April 18, 2013

At Senate Hearing, Drone Lobbyist Says Drone Too “Hostile” A Word: CODEPINK peace activist arrested for talking to lobbyist
March 20, 2013

CODEPINK and Others Deliver Thanks to Rand Paul’s Office for Filibuster on Drones, Will also visit offices of Democrats to Object to Brennan as head of CIA
March 6, 2013

CODEPINK Outraged Over Brennan Confirmation, Activists Press for Public Hearings and Access to Legal Opinions
CODEPINK speaks out about the need for public access to information regarding targeted killings and denounces the decision by the Intelligence Committee to confirm key architect of the drone program, John Brennan, as CIA Director.

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