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Uncover the Truth About the Occupation of Afghanistan

Nine Years in Afghanistan—How Many More?

In the name of the "good" war, the Obama administration's promised troop escalation in Afghanistan has further entrenched our scarce resources into a war that cannot be "won." The past nine years of illegal military action have failed to create any tangible peace in the country, nor have they brought increased security or a reduction of terrorist groups, let alone any freedom for Afghan women. Instead, thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed in the cross-fire along with a corresponding increase in troop casualties.

Haven't the past nine years proved that democracy and peace cannot be built under a foreign military occupation? We Need an Exit Strategy, Not an Escalation!

One positive development in Congress has been the creation of an"Out of Afghanistan Congressional Caucus", initiated by Congressman John Conyers in May 2010. Check the Out of Afghanistan Congressional Caucus website for a current list of members.

  • If your member of Congress is not on this list and claims to be opposed to the war in Afghanistan, please call their Washington office and ask them to join the caucus.Congressional Switchboard; 202-224-3121. Anyone wishing to sign on can contact in Rep.Conyers office.