This July 2-8, support #AfghanWomen

Tell world leaders to listen to #AfghanWomen by tweeting July 2-8, and signing the petition now.

As delegates from around the world meet in Tokyo July 8-9 to discuss the way forward in Afghanistan, we will use twitter to highlight the needs and voices of Afghan women. 

Marking the 10 year anniversary of the Afghanistan Recovery and Reconstruction Conference that took place in Tokyo during January 2002, “international organizations and others will re-convene in the same city to pledge assistance to Afghanistan for the remainder of the transition process and beyond 2014.”

This conference might be the first in Tokyo in a decade, but it is the second major international conference on Afghanistan in the last 6 months. After over 10 years of US occupation, Afghan women face major challenges and setbacks. 

Will you join our twitterstorm to help co-create an international online conversation about the need for listening to the demands of #AfghanWomen during this major conference?

CODEPINK has partnered with MADRE for this twitter days of action.   Together we will amplify our messages with tweets, blog posts and articles.  Please invite your networks to join you.

Here’s how:

  • Let us know you'll be tweeting! Share your twitter handle.
  • Join this facebook event and invite your friends.
  • Follow us on twitter: @codepink and @MADREspeaks
  • Invite your friends and groups you know to participate
  • Get ready to tweet during the lead-up to, and during the conference, July 2-8 with many others who care about to #Afghanwomen! Plenty of sample tweets are below, or you can compose your own on the core messages of:
    • The most important thing governments can do is listen to the demands of Afghan Women.
    • More troops are not the solution; more troops mean more civilian casualties.
    • The US government must support social and community programs and end military involvement.

Whatever you tweet, be sure to use #AfghanWomen in your tweets.  You can also tweet to world leaders by including @UN_Women, @NATO, @BarackObama.

Want to tweet to your Congressperson?  Find your Rep's twitter handle.

Sample Tweets:

  • Call on @NATO and @UN_Women to listen to #AfghanWomen. What do they need for their families and their futures?
  • Every 30 mins, #AfghanWomen die in childbirth. @NATO & @UN where’s the money for comprehensive maternal healthcare?
  • 87% of #AfghanWomen are illiterate. Is the Tokyo Conference thinking of ways to address this crisis?
  • Does a plan for a “self-sustaining Afghanistan” include resources #AfghanWomen need to bring their communities forward?
  • Hey! @CODEPINK & @MADREspeaks call on delegates in Tokyo to listen to the call for peace from #AfghanWomen
  • Stand up for peace and #AfghanWomen! Learn more: @MADREspeaks via @codepink

Sign the Petition to UN Women to Listen to Afghan Women!

 For Groups and Organizations:

  • Let us know you are participating in #Afghanwomen twitterstorm.
  • Invite your supporters & friends to join the event in emails, Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Join & promote the Facebook event
  • Follow us on twitter: @codepink and @MADREspeaks
  • Tell other organizations you work with about this opportunity to get the word out about #Afghanwomen, July 2 - 8.

What's the Tokyo conference really about?
Getting governments to pledge money for the huge, expensive police and army that have been created there, mostly.

Excerpt: "With the Bonn II Conference on Afghanistan over with limited dividends to show for it, Afghanistan is yet again gearing up for another international conference. In July of this year, governments, international organizations and other major donors will meet in Tokyo, Japan and will discuss and take on financial commitments for a ten year period after 2014."

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