Celebrating 10 Years of Creative Resistance

In November, 2012, CODEPINK celebrated a decade of creative resistance to war and injustice.  In typical CODEPINK fashion, we observed our anniversary by taking action.  We didn't waste any time bringing the people's platform for peace and justice to the White House -- we staged an action in DC one week after the presidential election!

Join us in Los Angeles:

Thursday, November 15, 4-6pm: In Los Angeles, there will be a freeway banner drop calling for an end to Drone Strikes. Mark your calendar for November 15th!  The banner drop will take place at the Palms/405 overpass in West Los Angeles. It is located across the street from Trader Joe's and just west on Palms Blvd. The address of Trader Joe's is 3456 Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles.

7-8:30pm: Following the banner drop, we will be gathering to celebrate all 10 years in the streets and halls of power calling for peace and justice. The gathering will be in Venice. RSVP to Holly for the address.

Get inspired by our birth story and these action report backs:

  • Washington, DC
    Demonstration for peace outside the White House, stop drones die in at Congress, protest of the Israeli bombing of Gaza at the Israeli Embassy, and CODEPINK Anniversary celebration at Bus Boys and Poets

    View photos here

    Video of giant Pentagon deflation coming soon! 

    Brief report-back from Rae:
    "We started the day with a free breakfast outside the White House where we proceeded to literally deflate the Pentagon... and hold a press conference with our friends from Institute for Policy Studies.  

    We had a drone protest and die-in on the steps of the Cannon House Office Building, and met with staff at Cong. Rogers and Cong. McKeon's offices to school them on the horrors of drone warfare.  We spontaneously ran into other congresspeople and got to call out Todd Akin for his ignorance on baby makin'!  We had an anniversary lunch in the Rayburn Cafeteria and then (true to CODEPINK) rapidly responded to the horrific news from Gaza of the Israeli assault.  We went to the Israeli Embassy and protested there with moving moments of silence, reading of the names, energetic chants, and big banners.  Many more emergency demos around the country are being organized as I write this.  

    We ended the day with a super fun gathering at Bus Boys and Poets, singing with Pat and Sandy of Emma's Revolution & sharing our love for each other and all the unique ways we shine for peace.  Of course no CP gathering would be complete without a dance party and signature pink drink... and roses!  Big thanks to Andy and Marjan for hosting us at Bus Boys - our activist home in DC!

    Beautiful to be here in DC where the CODEPINK vigil started, honoring the tremendous commitment of those who have been with CP since the beginning, with unwavering commitment to a better world, and those who have just recently joined, and all in between.  We are quite a pink posse! Also moving to be in action on November 14th - the same day millions took to the streets across Europe to protest austerity!" 

  • Pittsburgh, PA
    Thursday, November 8, 6pm
    CODEPINK founding co-director Medea Benjamin received the peacemaker award from the Thomas Merton Center at their annual gala.  Congrats Medea!

  • San Francisco, CA
    We protested drone warfare with a die-in at the mansion of Senator Feinstein, the chair of the Intelligence Committee, and at the home of Congresswoman Pelosi then caravan to our monthly march across the Golden Gate Bridge--two signature BAY AREA CODEPINK actions. CODEPINK Japan joined us in action during their US delegation to abolish nuclear weapons. And on Veteran's Day, November 12th, we co-hosted a report back with CODEPINK delegates from the Pakistan trip with Veterans for Peace.

    Monday Nov. 12: Pakistan Peace Delegation Videos and Photos:

    Live stream archived video via @punkboyinsf. Click (here) and (here) and (here) and (here) to access videos.

    Live stream archived video via OccupySF @sf99er. Click (here) and (here) and (here) to access videos.

    Photos via Steve Rhodes. Click (here) and (here)

    Sunday Nov 11: Anti-drone Actions and Golden Gate Bridge Peace Walk:

    Photos via Steve Rhodes. Click (here) and (here

    Video via Peter Menchini. Click (here)

    Photos via Peter Menchini. Click (here

    CODEPINK flickr slide show. Click (here)

    San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper photo. Click (here)

How can you best celebrate CODEPINK in your own community? We look forward to hearing your creative ideas for how to activate and re-inspire your friends and neighbors. Email us for support planning your action or event or to have your plans added to our national calendar.

You can also share a memory, photo, or highlight of CODEPINK that has inspired you throughout the years here.

Thank you for helping to make CODEPINK such a vibrant force for peace over the last 10 years!

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. Won't you join us?