Free Diane Wilson

The Rebel is Free!!!

Feb 21st '06 Mon, Cypress, TX
By Krishnaveni Gundu

County Criminal Court #9 (Republican Judge Analia Wilkerson), forgot to put her case on the docket which may have been a good thing after all b'cos the attorney managed to plea-bargain and got the charge reduced from a 'Class B misdemeanor' to a 'Class C misdemeanor'. Class B was for possessing fake id - max. $4000 fine + max. 1 yr. in jail. But Class C is simply 'not having a valid TX Driver's License' - max $500 fine.

So she pleaded guilty to Class C, paid a $50 fine plus $200 court costs and that's it! Now she's truly a freebird and on her way back to dear ol' Seadrift.

Native American friend Wolf pitched in $100, Goldstar Families for Peace pitched in with a cheque of $150. Still no idea if I'll get back the $1500 cash I put up for bail.

We, i.e. Diane, Ann Wright, Cindy's sister Didi (adorable tiggerloly) and I were out of there by 10:45 am CST and on our way to Katie Heim's place where we had a wonderful breakfast celebration with homemade biscuits, eggs, mashed potatoes and mimosas (champagne & orange juice)!


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To read more about Diane, visit the unreasonable woman blog spot. This is a blog to help promote awareness about Diane's book and her current situation in jail. This is not a way to reach Diane directly.  

"Corporate greed and its administrative henchmen have many faces and deadly results--from the 10,000 gassed in a pesticide cloud in Bhopal, India to the tens of thousands Iraqi  and American  dead in an unjust war."
Diane Wilson.

Diane Wilson Detained During Cheney Speech

December 5, 2005: In protest against the wanton corruption of the Bush Administration and Congressman Tom DeLay; Halliburton and war profiteering, CODEPINK organized a large, spirited, and peaceful protest against Cheney, DeLay, and their policies of war, repression, and injustice.  The demonstration was held at the Westin Oaks Hotel, Houston, where Republicans had gathered for a fundraiser.

Katie Heim reports from inside the Westin Oaks Hotel: This evening, as Republicans gathered in the Galleria to raise money for the GOP Diane Wilson, cofounder of CODEPINK and author of An Unreasonable Woman infiltrated their ranks. Photos of the banner and arrest. Wilson, who has done work around issues such as the Bhopal distaster and against the Iraq war, got on Delay's RSVP list by donating $50 to his campaign. After speeches by the chairman of the Republican Party and a rousing rendition of "God Bless the USA" Tom Delay himself took the stage.

Delay referenced the protesters outside, citing the Socialists and the Progressive Workers parties. Then Cheney himself took the stage. Wilson was about 15 to 20 feet away from the VP when she opened up her black velvet wrap to reveal a banner which read "Corporate Greed Kills-From Bhopal to Bagdad". Conservative moralists nearby grabbed Wilson as she chanted "Corporate Greed Kills, and Iraq kills too!" One GOP member called Wilson a bitch and a whore. Police dragged Wilson out and she's still detained as of this report.

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