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Get Money Out of Politics (Dump Citizens United) Aerial Image in SF!
Saturday, October 13th 2012  10:45am
San Francisco, CA

On October 13th, just weeks before the 2012 election, thousands of real, non-corporate people will gather at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to spell it out: "DUMP CITIZENS UNITED!" We're taking part, and we want you alongside us!

The Dump Citizens United human banner is a collaboration between local artist/organizer Brad Newsham and The Other 98%, a netroots community with 300,000+ members, plus a coalition of other progressive groups that includes CODEPINK, CREDO, Common Cause, and an ever-growing list of others.

This gathering will continue a Bay Area tradition of people from all walks of life uniting to send a strong and beautiful message to the country and the world. We hope you and your friends will join us for this colorful, peaceful, free (and brief) event.

Please arrive at 10:45am. A helicopter will be overhead at noon. The photo from above will become a beautiful postcard that can be in your mailbox within days!

Ocean Beach, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA