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Mother's March on the NRA Lobbyist
Friday, May 10th 2013  Free
Sacramento, CA

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook, there's been increasing momentum to bring sensible gun violence prevention with a ban on assault weapons and stronger background checks across the country.

The National Rifle Association is a powerful lobby and says it represents gun owners. But really it represents the interests of the arms industry. We saw the strength of the NRA in Washington DC as it helped kill a package of proposals intended to curb gun violence.
We say, "Arise then...women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts!" To stop the senseless killing we must first make the NRA draw down. Let's drag the NRA lobbyists out of the shadows and expose how they buy democracy.

Join us as we speak for the silenced victims of gun violence while we march on the NRA for Mother's Day to say arms are for hugging, not for killing! We will read Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day proclamation and create a memorial.

Assemble on 10th St and Capitol Mall & March to the National Rifle Association office at 555 Capitol Mall (at 5th St.) in Sacramento
Sacramento, CA