The People's State of the Union

This year Bush will give his State of the Union Address at 9 pm EST on Tuesday, January 23, 2007.  This will be the first address to a Democratic-controlled Congress since 1994.

Gather with other CODEPINK women at a friendly bar or restaurant to watch the President's speech and make a night of it!

More info about the Address: This will mark the first time that a Democrat (Pelosi) sits behind President Bush during his speech.  The 2007 address will also be the first time in American history that a woman will be one of the three people on the podium.  Jim Webb, the freshman Senator from Virginia and whose son is serving in Iraq, will deliver the Democratic response, the second year in a row for a Virginia politician. Last year's Democratic response was delivered by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

A new twist on an old favorite: Political Bingo!

Every time President Bush mentions a bingo square topic in his speech, mark it off. Throw in fun prizes for the winners and have instant, endless entertainment for your State of the Union Party!

Download and print off colorful bingo cards below.
Bush Card Condi Card


Woolsey Statement on Cindy's Arrest

Lynn Woolsey’s Address at CODEPINK's People’s State of the Union


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