Celebrate CODEPINK’s 4-Year Anniversary!

At a Glance Calendar:
Monday, October 2:
Plan a PINK Birthday Action
Thursday, October 5:
Join our coordinators conference call
October 8-14:
Host a Pink Flicks
House Party

Four years ago women around the US started standing up in PINK, --reclaiming a color many of us thought we'd never wear, as a women's statement for peace -- and daring to resist an administration on the brink of war. Now we're an integral part of the blossoming peace movement with over 250 local CODEPINK groups, and it's time to remind our communities who we are and what we're about: Take action this Monday, October 2nd, and organize a house party between October 8-14th.

Organize a Give Peace a Vote Action on Monday, October 2

Say Happy Birthday to
CODEPINK by organizing a zap action on Monday, October 2nd, our 4-year anniversary! As you know, it only takes one or two women to pull off a creative and meaningful action, so grab a friend and organize a pink lemonade stand, a freeway banner drop, a pink slip clothes line, a rush-hour vigil, or any creative action to tell voters about Give Peace a Vote (www.givepeaceavote.org) – our new campaign to get thousands of people to pledge that they'll only vote for candidates who work for a speedy end to the war in Iraq. We'd recommend you do the action in front of the campaign headquarters of a pro-war candidate who's up for re-election. You don't need many people – just a creative idea and lots of pink! Let's show our neighbors and the media the best of CODEPINK's actions on our anniversary!  (If Monday doesn't work for your schedule, plan a Tuesday action!)

Click here for a list of pink action ideas, and to add your action to our NEW events calendar.

Here's how we'll help:

  • Sample Press Release: Here's a template press release you can use to get local media coverage of your action. Plan to send it out on Friday and make calls and resend on Monday morning.
  • Outreach: We can send an email to the CODEPINK activists in your area who are in our national database, asking them to join you. Email your send-ready event invite to laura@codepinkalert.org and our local groups assistant, Laura, will send out your alert. Also email Laura if you'd like a list of CODEPINK activists in your area with phone and email contact info.
  • Postcards: We'll mail you beautiful Give Peace a Vote postcards you can use to sign people up! Email peacevoter@codepinkalert.org with your name and address so we can get them in the mail ASAP. These postcards will be mailed from our LA office, so this is a great moment to put in an order for postcards and CODEPINK merchandise! To order CODEPINK and Give Peace a Vote t-shirts and merchandise click here.

Host a Pink Flick Party October 8-14

Grab your pink boa, pick a date and plan a house party: Invite guests, order one of the pink flicks—either
The Ground Truth or Iraq for Sale—and bake a batch of pink cupcakes. Decorate your living room with pink banners. Participate in national conference calls with the film directors. Build community and sign up peace voters! Make sure to register your house party on the film's website (depending on which film you choose) as a CODEPINK party, and also register your party with us on our events calendar (so we can send you our house party kit). If you choose to do a house party on October 10th, register your event with the AFL-CIO Stirring the Pot dinner party night. Email samantha@codepinkalert.org if you have questions. Full details coming in our national email alert this Friday. Click here for house party planning tips!

Chat with Peacemakers: Conference Call Thursday, October 5
5:30 pm PST/ 8:30 EST
Join us on the phone to debrief the Monday
PINK action day, get important house party planning info, and share Give Peace a Vote signature collection tips. To join, call (641) 297-5900 and enter access code 26337465# (CODEPINK# from your touch-tone phone).

One of our staff team members will try to reach you by phone over the next several days to talk about how we can best assist your local work. If you receive a message, please call us back—we want to hear from you! Most importantly, we want to thank you for co-creating CODEPINK and for your relentless faith in the power of peace and nonviolent direct action. Together we are making herstory.