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Perino: It seems that Congress is run by Code Pink
The Hill
October 24th, 2007

More than 60 arrested near Capitol
The Hill
October 22nd, 2007

CODEPINK hopes to spark interest at UNH - UNH The New Hampshire
codepink - Google News
October 15th, 2007

Democrats to Offer New Surveillance Rules- Washington Post
October 7th, 2007

‘Power to the people:’ Protesters call for peace- The Tribune-Star
October 6th, 2007

The power of protest- The Hill
October 2nd, 2007

Clinton, Obama campaigns are partying in Oakland- SF Chronicle
September 30th, 2007

Code Pink Protests Marine Recruitment Center- Berkeley Daily Planet
September 28th, 2007

September 25th, 2007

Visit Signals Warmer Relations With US- AP
September 22nd, 2007

Resident protests war with Code Pink- Provisio Herald
Featuring CODEPINK Chicago's Robin Schirmer

Hardball with Medea Benjamin
September 18th, 2007

In Hill Offices, Protest Takes a Subtler Form- Washington Post
September 18th, 2007

Code Pink declares Code Red- The Oregonian
September 17th, 2007

The CODEPINK Hall of Shame- The Politico
September 17th, 2007

WMC Commentary: Sally Field’s Peace Message Breaks Through
September 17th, 2007
by Jodie Evans

Antiwar Protest Ends With Dozens of Arrests- NY Times
September 16th, 2007

Dueling Demonstrations- Washington Post
September 16th, 2007

'CODEPINK Kicks Off Week of Peace Mobilizations - Feminist Majority Foundation'
codepink - Google News
September 14th, 2007
CODEPINK Kicks Off Week of Peace MobilizationsFeminist Majority Foundation - Sep 14, 2007This Saturday, September 15th, CODEPINK, along with V-Day, WAND, Institute for Policy Study, Coalition Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, ...

'CODEPINK Tells Pelosi "Healthcare, Not War!" - Bay Area Indymedia'
codepink - Google News
September 13th, 2007
Bay Area IndymediaCODEPINK Tells Pelosi "Healthcare, Not War!"Bay Area Indymedia, CA - Sep 13, 2007by Dianne & Dana CODEPINK tells Pelosi, "Healthcare, Not Warfare!" & "Don't Buy Bush's War!" at Bayview Child Health Center located at 1335 Evan Avenue on ...

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