Another World is Possible – Another U.S. Is Necessary!
June 27-July 1, 2007
 Atlanta, GA

If another world is possible, another US is necessary.  Join CODEPINK and activists from around the world at the United States Social Forum this summer!  CODEPINK will host inspiring events Thursday and Friday evenings and a daylong activist training on Saturday, June 30.  Further programming details coming soon! 

USSF Photo Gallery
See CODEPINK in action at the Forum, with a pink contingent in the peoples’ march and other events!

Schedule + Sign-up
Here is all the info on what we are doing at the USSF and how to join us!

The What, Who, Where & Why
Last year it was The Crossings, Texas, this year lets get inspired in Atlanta!

Workshops with CODEPINK
A list of our workshops + other recommended workshops and events

Travel + Accommodations
How to get to and around the USSF, housing options and childcare info