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CODEPINK Speaks Out against War Criminal Condoleezza Rice

October 25, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Pat and Tina from Military Families Speak Out held signs in front of the Saban Theatre on Wilshire Monday night, reading “Rice Made Torture Legal… Torture is a War Crime, Prosecute!” Security was everywhere; an undercover van pulled up and asked, “Are you from CODEPINK?”

The signs were left over from a protest we held that morning at the Biltmore downtown where Condoleezza Rice had been speaking.

With no hope of going unrecognized that night at the Saban, CODEPINK pulled out pink banners reading, “War Criminal.” Dede, from CODEPINK and MFSO, talked to the mounting crowd about her nephew Casey Sheehan, a war causality who fell victim to lies perpetrated by Condoleezza Rice and others.

Rice was in Los Angeles promoting a book about her childhood, no mention of that stolen from millions of children. CODEPINK made it through the security check and into the theatre, less a flip cam and small banner. Along with us came two guys who arrived with hand painted signs calling for a war crimes tribunal. They thanked us for alerting them to Rice’s presence but were forbidden by security to enter with even a political sticker on a jacket. As Dede commented, “This is a freedom of speech-free zone.”

When Rice took the stage protesters added boos and hisses to the clapping of the crowd. Security had their eyes on us as we sat and listened until we could not contain ourselves. It was one spinning of reality too many. “You are a war criminal… you have the blood of the innocent on your hands… you must be held accountable in the International Court of Justice.” CODEPINK shouted until security and police were in our faces.

Back outside, Pat produced a bag of plastic gloves, pre-bloodied with red paint. Imploring the crowd to educate themselves, we kept a presence until Condi was scurried out the back in a black SUV.

Kristen, Dede, Pat and Tina