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From torture memos to the bench: Jay Bybee in Pasadena

October 8, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

A handful of activists gathered at the courthouse in Pasadena on Friday, the 8th of October, where war criminal Jay Bybee was presiding. Two CODEPINK activists entered the courtroom. CODEPINK’s Susan told Judge Bybee, “We tortured a 15 year old child? As a good Mormon father, aren't you ashamed!”

Veterans for Peace and CODEPINK activist, Dede wore her badge listing the number of US casualties, but was told she could not bring protest materials into the courtroom. Before she was “manhandled,” Dede was able to tell the war criminal that his torture memos were directly responsible for her nephew Casey’s death in Sadr City.

Members of the Progressive Democrats for America were also among those who joined Pasadenas who called for Bybee’s arrest and talked about organizing future educational actions at the City Council meeting, Old Town and Pasadena City College.

Two Homeland Security Officers came to observe the protest around 11 am. It is ironic that they were protecting the criminal inside from peaceful people on the outside who were asking for observation of torture laws.

Dede, Sharon, Susan and Kristen