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Delusion Points: George W Viewing Party

November 9, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

About 20 CODEPINK supporters gathered on Monday evening in a pillow-laden room at Jodie’s house in LA. In front of us was George W Bush on television with Matt Lauer.

Cringing and wanting to shout, we tried to keep our voices down so as to better digest the utter craziness spewing from his mouth.

Viewers at our party jotted down some of his most notable fantasies on Liars Bingo sheets:

“Water boarding is legal because the lawyers said so.” (Water boarding is torture. Torture is illegal. Water boarding is illegal, per international law)

“I’m not going to debate the critics.” “…not concerned about popularity” (The public he had been elected to serve)

“The most disgusting moment… being called racist” referring to Kanye West saying, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” (Even worse than discovering that the so-called indelible proof that Iraq had “WMD” was utterly untrue and he had just murdered thousands of people in its name)

“I believe in justice, not revenge.” (The murder of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans…)

“I’ll be gone by the time they figure it out.” (His death will precede the depth of his deception)

“…Protect this country, whatever it took.” (Continuing to occupy and attack Iraq and Afghanistan, paying for the Israeli occupation of Palestine)

There were so many jaw droppers: The story about his mother showing him the remains of a miscarriage kept in a jar, the interview taking place in a church, mispronouncing “inundated,” referring to himself as a “deliberative person.” Bush’s self-congratulatory smirking about sending “more troops to Iraq” punctuated the insanity of NBC giving this war criminal so much air time to promote his book.

And on it went…

Next day CODEPINK was in bookstores putting George W’s “Decision Points” (or Delusion / Obfuscation / Derision / Revision Points) where it belongs. We thought the Crime section fitting, or Fantasy…

In solidarity,

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Move George W. Bush's memoir Decision Points to the Crime section of bookstores! #culturejamming #subversion
George W. Bush's memoir should be renamed Deception Points. #p2 #forreal
Subversively move George W Bush's memoir Decision Points to the Crime section of bookstores!