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End Torture, Close Guantanamo

January 11, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

About 15 of us gathered with a pink sign proclaiming Close Guantanamo outside the Federal Building in Los Angeles. It has been 10 years of torture and indefinite detention at the prison camp.

The wind was brisk as were our spirits in LA’s Westwood neighborhood, with tens of cars and passersby honking and stopping in support. We handed out fliers of information and Obama Keep Your Promises ribbons, calling on the US president to honor campaign promises to finally close Guantanamo.

Reading the list of 174 people who remain in indefinite detention was sobering; as were the readings of just some of their stories, including that of the youngest of child prisoners.

Many of the stories can be found at

CODEPINK signed up a few new activists, including a young couple that joined us for their first demonstration. They talked about the impossibility of remaining silent once you know the truth.

Memorials and actions to stop torture are being coordinated around the country through the 22nd by World Can't Wait and CODEPINK.

Stop Torture, Close Guantanamo.


Kristen, Dede, Sharon and Patricia, Karen, Connie, Roberta, Harold, Vanessa and Sam