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Quarantine the Kochs!

January 30, 2011
CODEPINK California, Arizona and Nevada
Los Angeles, CA

Everywhere I looked I spotted another pink haz-mat suit, emblazoned with a quarantine symbol painted on the back and a CODEPINK sticker on the front imploring us all to “Be the Cure! Quarantine the Kochs.”

There were at least 50 CODEPINKs dressed to the nines, ready to Quarantine the Kochs in Rancho Mirage, CA. PINKs came from all over the southeast, including Liz from Arizona. The rally massed upwards of 2,000 activists from the Ruckus Society and the Other 98%, to Greenpeace, the Courage Campaign and Common Cause, among many, many others.

The Koch Brothers, architects of the Tea Party and deniers of climate change, were holding their twice yearly secret meeting with others of their ilk. They spend billions in fines for oil spills and lobbying against student and minority rights. And this weekend, they were hosted at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in the desert.

A well-organized fleet of buses brought in some 1,600 activists from LA, Orange and San Diego counties. Jim Hightower and other speakers talked about the ills of “affluenza corporatitis” from a stage positioned across from the resort.

Banners read, “Shut down the Tea Party’s Wallet”, and “Quarantine the Kochs,” while the three feet high quarantine tape flew over head.

All the while, police in riot gear massed at the entrances of the resort. One group of activists was immediately arrested when they attempted to scale the perimeter. Another group was followed by the crowd from the rally, chanting for an end to corporate greed. Some sported the PINK, others white-haz mat suits, and others still were in T-shirts, but all were part of “Team Quarantine.”

In our crowd Ellen, a member of CODEPINK’s LA chapter stepped forward, holding her ground despite warnings from club-wielding police. Pierce, who came all the way from Greenpeace in San Francisco stood tall. And Jodie, CODEPINK co-founder, joined those who refused to step back.

She and 24 others were taken to jail where they are reportedly doing well and expect to be released within several hours with misdemeanor citations for trespassing and a promise to appear in court.

Who is taking the Kochs to court? The crowd shouted, “Arrest the Kochs, arrest the Kochs.” As for now, the Koch Brothers continue to walk free with billions of dollars in the ready to buy the next round of elections.

See you out there,

Check out a few photos here:

Jodie and Ellen (along with all of the Greenpeace and Ruckus activists) have been released from jail.