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LA in Solidarity with Egyptian People

February 5, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

When we arrived at 11:30, call time for the rally to support Egypt today, we were excited to see about 50 people had already gathered.

And instead of people filtering away, they multiplied. Tens then hundreds. Incredible. The chanting can be heard for blocks. The corner in front of the Federal Building is literally teeming, with so many people supporting the peoples struggle in Egypt that break-off groups have started chants and speeches.

“Thowra, thowra!” Revolution, revolution , the chants went in Arabic, and “Mubarak’s time has come to an end.” Two buses arrived with supporters from Las Vegas.

“What do we want, justice" and "The People United Can Never be Defeated" in English, along with calls to Obama to end support of Mubarak.

Signs read: Long live Egypt and we support the Egyptian people. “We are all Egyptians,” was the rallying cry. A mini Tahrir Square in Los Angeles.

Egyptian-Americans spoke about their experiences as youth in Tahrir Square, their love of Egypt and Palestine, and their support of struggles for liberation throughout the world. Activists from around town gave shout-outs of support

Egyptian flags, signs calling for an end to Mubarak’s regime, “Mubarak a Tool of IMF Rule,” and “US out of the Middle East.”

From the Nile to the Sea…

Amazing day.