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Stolen Beauty Online House Party

February 15, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
“What an amazing way of doing activism!” This exclamation came from one of the CODEPINK crew who showed up for justice on a dreary Venice afternoon.

We gathered at the CODEPINK House holding our laptops next to tables of candles, humus (not Sabre!), and fruit. The living room was doused in pinks and purples for our “day after Valentine’s” Stolen Beauty online house party.

The target was Ahava, the Israeli settlement-based cosmetics company that stamps “Made In Israel” on its Dead Sea products that are manufactured in the occupied West Bank.

For two hours we visited websites such as Amazon, Rite Aid,, Zappos, etc, that sell Ahava cosmetics online. We wrote reviews for products, helping to expose Ahava for making money off the occupation of Palestinian land. Messages included:

“Ahava Mud Exfoliator can't strip away Ahava's ugly occupation profiteering. Support human rights. Don't buy Ahava.”

“Ahava is based in an illegal settlement in the Occupied West Bank. Even Israeli peace groups have called for a boycott of settlement products. Don’t buy Ahava’s occupation profiteering.”


“Ahava means love in Hebrew, but Ahava cosmetics are made in a factory on occupied land. There is no love in occupation.”

Finding comments like these posted online by other activists around the country was so exciting; we were all connected in this really simple online action.