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International Women's Day, LA

March 9, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

The sun shown on bright pink, our signs read variations of ‘Make Bridges Not Enemies’ and ‘Women Call for an End to All Wars’. It was a gorgeous late afternoon and we were participating in the ‘Meet Me On the Bridge’ campaign as part of International Women’s Day. Our ‘Bridge’, however, was an overpass. This is LA and we were en route to share in an anti-war rally with AF3IRM, the Filipina feminist organization.

As we walked our group was led by a tiny dog sporting a pink jacket while passersby honked in appreciation of our Bring Our War $$ Home messaging.

In front of the Federal Building the anti-war rally was vibrant as we arrived. Our pink mixed with AF3IRM’s purple berets and signs pledging solidarity with the women of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, Mexico, Wisconsin, Los Angeles…

Eight speakers talked about women’s struggles for justice the world over, the realities we face…

A teacher spoke about how students in her high school are required to participate in JROTC, as no funding is available for real electives. Two married veterans spoke about the horror of war, particularly the army's reinforcement of negative gender stereotypes and the brutality felt by all military families. They reminded us that an entire family is affected by a deployment and that many soldiers have difficulty returning to civilian life. Several female soldiers were murdered near Fort Bragg, and the veteran reminded us that the never-ending wars is a factor leading to violence against women at home and abroad. It wasn't so long ago that the U.S. military paid for "comfort women," which created the human trafficking crisis in South East Asia.

Enough is enough. It's time to Bring Our War $$ Home.

Our day’s photos

Kristen, CJ, Dara, Isabella, Cindy-Roy, Carol, Joon and Sophia