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The Palestinian Land Day in Los Angeles

March 30, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

When we arrived at Bay Cities Beauty in Santa Monica there was already a “pro-Ahava” crowd jumping around with Israeli flags and dishing out misinformation to passersby. And the police were on hand, much to our relief: the last time we picketed this shop, one that refuses to honor Palestinian human rights, the owner threatened that one day someone would put a bullet in my head, threw dog-dish water on Rae, and locked us all in the store when we were attempting to deliver our “Dear Store Manager” letter about the international boycott of Ahava. It was only the police who were able to convince him that kidnapping is not legal, but demonstrating is.

On this sunny afternoon, The Palestinian Land Day, CODEPINK was joined by LA Jews for Peace and Jewish Voice for Peace as part of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement’s day of actions.

Our messages included “Ahava Profits from the Israeli Occupation of Palestine”, “There is Nothing Beautiful about Occupation” and “Ahava Profits from Stolen Palestinian Land”. Other signs read: “Say No to Beauty Made by Oppression” and “Stolen Beauty is Not Kosher”. Among us was an Israeli Refusnik, who said no to serving in the Israeli occupation forces in the 1970s, and other longtime activists dedicated to Palestinian human rights and ending the illegal occupation.

We chanted, we talked and we gave fact-sheets to the throngs of area shoppers. People are becoming interested; they want to know. The Israeli occupation will not survive the truth.

After the demo I delivered to petitions with 2,500 signatures to two Bed, Bath and Beyond stores as part of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement’s day of actions, asking that it stop stocking illegal Israeli settlement products Ahava and Soda Stream. The response was heartening.

On both Land Day and the day after, members of Jewish Voice for Peace and LA Jews for Peace are speaking on the local Pacifica network affiliate, KPFK.

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