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Malalai Joya Speaks in Los Angeles

April 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Parliamentarian Malalai Joya, listed as one of the 100 most influential people n 2010 by TIME Magazine, clearly laid out the truth about the situation in Afghanistan in a lecture at the University of Southern California on Thursday, April 7.

Joya speaks plainly and forcefully, reiterating several key points:
--The current Afghanistan government is filled with warlords and drug lords.
--Afghanistan one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The US
occupation perpetuates and exacerbates the rampant corruption.
--It’s estimated that Afghanistan has $3 trillion in mineral deposits. If the
corrupt government stays in power, the vast majority of this wealth will be
transferred to the pockets of politicians, rather than being used to fund the needs of the people.

Wondering what Joya thinks of the “came to save the women” argument for the US
occupation of her country? Joya declared, “War will never help Afghan women. If we have the opportunity, I am sure Afghan women will liberate ourselves with the support of progressive Afghan men.”

It was an honor to meet Parliamentarian Joya and have her sign a copy of her book. We are honored to work to end the occupation of her country through our Bring Our War $$ Home Campaign. There is nothing more important than giving people everywhere the right to develop democracy. The US military is an obstacle to true peace. US involvement in Afghanistan has perpetuated mistreatment of women and made it more difficult for Afghanis to grow their country.

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