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Shut Down All Wars: Protest Obama

April 25, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Several hundred anti-war protesters had spread out between three gates at a massive Sony Studios on Thursday. Obama was in town holding a 2,500 dollar a plate fundraiser. Earlier in San Francisco a group had stood up and sang for the release of Bradley Manning.

Outside Sony in LA our messages ranged from “Stop Bush’s / Obama’s Wars” (with an X through Bush) to "Save Libya!" to “Free the Whistleblowers, Jail the War Criminals” and “End Support of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine”. Many hundreds more people were demonstrating specifically against the Armenian genocide.

The Vets for Peace blimp flew on the corner, bringing press attention and supportive honks. On the ANSWER podium at the main gate we called for an end to military spending, to bring our war dollars home.

As the anti-war demonstration moved around the perimeter of Sony, police blocked off a sizeable chunk behind their cars and crime scene tape. It became impossible to move and as Obama’s procession sped past hours later it seemed just as impossible to hope that he would heed any of our calls for peace and justice.