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Women Behaving Badly

July 2, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday's turnout was great with around 30 people gathering to hear four women share their poetry and stories at the CODEPINK co-sponsored “Women Behaving Badly” event.

Held at the Beyond Baroque Foundation in Venice, CODEPINK's Gayle Brandeis, Stephanie Hammer, Donna Hilbert, and Jo Scott-Coe shared poetry and stories – some funny, some sad, some poignant – but all inspiring.

C.J. Minster, the National Organizer for CODEPINK’s Bring Our War Dollars Home campaign, opened the event with an introduction and reminder why we were all there. The goal is to end our wars and redirect national funds to our communities, and the arts are a great way to bring that to people’s attention.

Interns Dara Wells-Hajjar, the artist who crafted the CODEPINK banners, and Heather Holt also attended and represented CODEPINK.

The poems ranged from thought-provoking to downright hilarious, which led to a great, entertaining evening. Throughout every work, each woman’s spirit and spunk shone through! After all, the theme was “women behaving badly.”

It was a great event and hopefully there will be many more events like this to “Bring our War Dollars Home”!

Written by Heather