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CODEPINK LA Goes to High School Peace Camp

June 29, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Sporting CODEPINK t-shirts, three of us carried poster-board and stickers through a dusty campsite in the far reaches of Malibu. It was high school Peace Camp, hosted by San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice and San Pedro High School Peace Camp. For a few hours, we were the teachers.

Twenty-two students from throughout LA sat under trees that threw shade across picnic tables. They were joined by four adults who ran the camp.

“What is one thing you are passionate about?”

The responses were vast: “Ending the war in Iraq… Human Rights… Ending the war in Afghanistan… Ending the war in Libya… Women’s rights… Saving the environment… Ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine… Animal rights,” and clearly universal.

We made the connections between all forms of oppression and talked about how to end one we must end all. We discussed CODEPINK campaigns and gave a how-to of several types of activism; different actions designed for an individual or a group, for the introvert and extrovert.

The students designed plans of actions and came up with slogans. They showed off their latest banners that combined poetry and visual arts.

It was team building, affirming, engaging; a lovely day in the mountains.