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Bed, Bath & Beyond: Honor international law by dumping illegal settlement products AHAVA and SodaStream!

July 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

After delivering a letter to Nordstrom on the 7th of July asking that it stop stocking illegal Israeli settlement product AHAVA, we moved on to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The box store continues to face pressure from the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement, and the Stolen Beauty Campaign, for its disregard of human rights when sourcing its products.

We found a great location in West Los Angeles for getting public engagement on our boycott of settlement products campaign, including AHAVA & SodaStream, including lots of foot traffic from Cedar's Sinai Medical Center.

Our amazing signs created by LA’s Art Intern Dara and our simple question engaged passersby: would you like to know why we’re standing here…

Our messages about SodaStream included a play on the company’s marketing itself as “environmentally friendly.” Beautifully hand-painted placards read: “There is Nothing Friendly About Occupation, Dump SodaStream”, “Occupation Destroys the Environment, Boycott SodaStream”, “Bed Bath & Beyond: Dump Settlement Products! Boycott SodaStream”.

And among our well-worn banners calling to boycott AHAVA as a purveyor of Stolen Beauty, we held our ever-present: “Human Rights for Palestinians”.

The woman who told us that she would stop using AHAVA on principle, and would switch to another beauty product softened the harshness of a man who shouted that he wanted to support occupation even more.

The LA chapters of Jews for Peace and Jewish Voice for Peace are staples at these co-sponsored events and held their signs decrying occupation as “not kosher”.

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