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No to US Veto against Palestinian UN Membership

September 16, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

We were 40 to 50 people supporting Palestinian freedom, an end to Israeli occupation and against the US using its veto in the United Nations.

In addition to CODEPINK, co-sponsors included LA Jews for Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace-LA, Women in Black-LA, Free Gaza-Southern California, Friends of Sabeel-LA, Friends of Sabeel-OC and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The call was to oppose the threatened US veto of the Palestinian bid for membership in the United Nations. This is what we could all agree upon. Whether this particular bid was good for Palestine is hotly debated. Where does it leave refugees? Would the leadership become the Palestinian Authority over the Palestine Liberation Organization? Where would it leave the democratically elected Hamas government? Would it be on 1967 lines or "based on" 1967 lines, the distinction bringing a world of difference. What about the "mutually agreed upon land swaps" that Sa'eb Erekat said would go forward -- this reeks of accepting some settlements.

What we agree on are a few basic, uncontroverted facts – the US pays more than three billion dollars per year to the Israelis in support of occupation, in addition to economic, the US gives unconditional military and political support to the occupiers, and the US uses its veto in the UN when it suits the wishes of the Israeli government and military.

We stood for hours, signs and banners in hand calling No US Veto and End Israeli Occupation of Palestine, we flew Palestinian flags, and we were met with honks of support with one young women who was driving past parking her car and joining us.

Several people submitted "Make [fill-in-the-blank] Not War" photos. We were joined by a "Free Troy Davis" rally as well, standing in front of the Wilshire Federal Building.

We call for an end to US support of the Israeli occupation and an end to ignoring international law and UN resolutions when it comes to the Israelis. The way to free Palestine is to stop gifting the Israelis, both economically and politically, to occupy it.