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On the Beach with Arlington West

September 25, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

It was a grey early Sunday. 7:00 am and a couple of people from Vets for Peace had been there for hours already. We began dropping crosses, stars and crescent moons into the sand next to Santa Monica Pier. It was the weekly Arlington West memorial and anti-war vigil.

The message was the true cost of war, the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, Afghans and Americans. CODEPINK brought its messages, “Make SENSE Not War”, “Make ART Not War”, and “War is not a Hollywood Movie”.

Hours rolled by and tens of people happened past, wondering what this political art installation was, looking to talk and for information. Some were naysayers, others fans.

What struck us about Arlington West was what a huge job it is for Veterans for Peace to set up this political art installation every week. It underscores their dedication to creating peace and ending wars.

Arlington West is up from early in the morning until evening every Sunday. Volunteers are welcome.