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Cheney/Fossella Fundraiser

April 21, 2008
New York City, NY

The Vice President with the lowest approval ratings in the modern era was in town shilling for cash for Republican Congressman Vito (pro-Iraq war, anti-choice) Fossella. The host was David Koch, the billionaire head of Koch Industries, a conglomerate with major oil and gas holdings that is the largest privately held company in the United States. Koch is New York City's wealthiest resident. CODEPINK was on the street outside letting the luncheon guests know: Impeachment is on the table, and Fossella must go.

The police had set up the standard “pen” across the street from the swanky Park Avenue apartment building. The “Filthy Rich for Fossella” contingent (straight out of the Billionaires for Bush playbook) stayed behind the barriers. But CODEPINK NYC would have none of that—we went to the Park Avenue meridian to catch traffic going both ways. After a discussion of our rights, the police froze the zone—for all pedestrians—and went to a corner of 71st St. Noticing pedestrians walking across at that location, we went into plan B and decided to slowly parade across Park Ave, briefly remaining on the center median. Back and forth with our banners and signs, and Bev dressed as a pink police officer prepared to arrest Cheney. This annoyed the police. When requested to go to the pen, we decided to go to 72nd St. instead and stood on the meridian until the secret service informed us that we were loitering and had to keep moving. We realized that slowly walking back and forth across Park Ave was pretty effective and could not legally be described as loitering. We caught many more pedestrians and lots of cross traffic. CODEPINK NYC SAYS: TORTURE IS NOT AN AMERICAN VALUE, IMPEACH CHENEY, AND FOSSELLA MUST GO!