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Tax Day Protest

April 15, 2009
Berkeley, CA
About 10 CodePINKers stood in front of the MRS passing out tax information, dialoging with youth in danger of being recruited, and standing for an end to using our tax dollars for war and not for domestic programs and assistance.

We pleased to be joined by a new CODEPINKer who was inspired to join us because of an Oakland A’s game she recently attended. She was so horrified at how nationalism and militarism was nonchalantly woven into the game – and how complacent everyone, but her, was accepting the show of military air force, the public acknowledgement of soldiers and police – and not of anti-war heroes or the victims of police and soldiers – and the general flaunting of U.S. nationalism throughout.

We were stunned by a recruit, claiming he was a well-informed Dartmouth graduate, who insisted that Social Security got most of our tax dollar, and the military got less than 4%! He disappeared inside the MRS, promising to go on-line and bring out proof for this statistic. We never saw him again.

We were delighted when a young man in grave danger of being recruited, who has frequented the MRS several times over the past few weeks, agreed to be filmed by us – pending approval of the captain – for the documentary we want to make about who is joining the marines, from the MRS!

When we went to the Berkeley BART to pass out tax day flyers (part of a larger UFPJ flyering action), we were staggered once again by the number of people who readily admitted to paying their taxes and as readily admitted they had no idea 54% of their tax money is going to pay for war and occupation.